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Estetik International ?

The physicians and staff are experts in the field of aesthetic surgery field, especially under the guidance and direction of renowned surgeon, Dr. Bülent Cihantimur,

The professional health personnel and employees make up a comprehensive and knowledgeable team of 150 people skills in the aesthetic surgery field,

New, effective and useful procedures supported by the research and development work of the Estetik International team,

Innovative, modern and inquisitive sub-structure,

Latest technological devices used in surgery,

Sensitive policies caring especially for the patient’s pleasure and confidence,

Safe, sterilized and modern campuses,

Customer services where you can get clear and all-encompassing feedback. Spider Web Aesthetic, Organic Hair Transplantaion, Cihantimur’s Fat Transfer System, Simple Nose Aesthetic, Trigger Finger’s treatment without Operation… And many more. All these applications and techniques are the result of a clinic-wide focus on promoting the comfort, quality, and humanity of every patient’s needs and wants. We always aim to be the best in the industry, pulling out all the stops to maintain this stature. Estetik International, which was founded with the utmost attention– the name itself even took one year to be decided on– in 1999, today experiences the pride of being a branded health group with superb results all while also serving internationally.

Наше видение

R&D and laboratory units, as well as complete processing of patient treatment infrastructure are our main investments in Quasar. With health tourism, it is aimed to provide a treatment program far beyond the expectations of the foreign patients and to make them return to their countries in peace. Our International Patient Unit, plans and offers a privileged process different from many hospitals abroad, including home counseling services, diagnosis, treatment, transportation, translation and airport transfers and accommodation arrangements. Our patients can arrange all these services in their homes before, during and after their travels.

Наша миссия

As a medical institution, our most important value and mission is the satisfaction of our patients and their relatives. We always strive to raise our performance criteria, which are constantly measured in the direction of the patients’ budgets we allocate time to quality and continuous development, always adding a little more icing on top of the cake. With the value we give our employees, with the importance we give to teamwork and solidarity, and with the awareness of being a leading organization in the future, we are working to bring our Health Group to far better levels.



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